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We are a small team from Switzerland, which turns creative ideas into software solutions. We combine many years of project management experience with functional web design and cutting edge IT skills. In three years of intensive cooperation and with lots of fun we have created liniaa, an impressive product - and we will continue to further develop this timeline tool for you.
Günter Ackermann
Andy Pollari
Software developer and responsible for the it-infrastructure
How do you bring liniaa to life?
I am one of the software developers for the frontend and also in the backend. The IT-Infrastructure and architecture is also one of my responsibilities.
What was going on in your life before liniaa?
I work as a Software Developer in the field of e-government.
If it weren't for liniaa what would you be doing?
My passion ist playing different court sports, going to the cinema and travelling around the world.
What makes liniaa special?
liniaa can be used for many purposes and in many ways. You can document all sorts of things and let liniaa automate a nice visual presentation. You can also share your own timeline with others.