web platform will no longer be developed and is only be available in a reduced form. See here for more information


liniaa is an online tool that let's you document and showcase your personal life along a horizontal timeline. You can share with others or keep it all private. Works great for documenting your children growing up, but also for the history of your club or organization.

  • liniaa - Great overview

    Great overview

    Images and documents such as wordfiles and PDFs are arranged chronologically in categories of your choice. High resolution images are automatically scaled for optimal web viewing - max. 3000 px in height or width - during upload.
  • liniaa - Easy to manage

    Easy to manage

    Seamless zooming, multi-upload and drag and drop guarantee a convincing user experience.
  • liniaa - Create your own categories

    Create your own categories

    An area for documentation lets you finetune your timeline: arrange your content in categories such as 'work places', 'living quarters', 'vacations', or 'family celebrations'.
  • liniaa - Share with friends

    Share with friends

    Parents can share timelines of their children with grandparents. A club can share its event photos with club members. Organizations can publish their history.
  • liniaa - Attractive slideshows

    Attractive slideshows

    With a few simple klicks you can show attractive, customized slideshows of your timeline.
    Select the time period and categories, choose the length of the slide show and adjust the duration of the slideshow and of each slide as you wish.
  • liniaa - Collaborate


    Manage timelines together. Great for your family, your club and your organization. Have some administer the timeline, let everyone see it.