Can I up- or downgrade my plan?
You can upgrade the basic and premium plan at any time. If you do this before the end of the annual term, the new plan will immediately become active for one year. Any remaining credit from your last plan will be accounted for.
Downgrading is not possible before the end of the term of your plan, however, upon renewing your plan you can select a different plan.
How can I terminate my plan?
The term of our plans is limited to one year and are not automatically renewed. They can not be cancelled within an active term and no refunds will be made.
If you let your plan expire, you will not be able to create or edit timelines, but you can still see timelines of others if you have been granted access as a guest.
Will my plan be renewed automatically?
No. You will be prompted by email to renew your plan after one year. If you do not take action, your plan will expire after two reminders and your timelines will be deleted.
What happens if I do not renew my plan?
You will be prompted by email to renew your plan 2 months before the plan expires. We will remind you again 1 week before. Once the term of your plan has expired, you will no longer have access to the timelines you own. You can however regain access within 3 months, by renewing your plan. After that, all the timelines you own – with exception of one only - will be deleted with all data, images and documents. One timeline with its total structure and some pictures will be kept and you will be automatically downgraded to the plan “Free”. Up until the date of deletion, which is 90 days after your plan has expired, you can delete all except your most important timeline, and exactly this one will be kept. If you keep more than one, the system will randomly remove all but one timeline.
Please do not forget to export the data of all your timelines before deleting (under 'My plan').
Why can I not downgrade?
Downgrade is only possible when the current plan expires and within the conditions for the desired lower plan (number of timelines, memory used, number of administrators).
How can I change my password or email?
First sign in. Then, in the navigation above, click on your name. You can change your password or email under my account.
Can I delete my account?
Yes. You can request deletion of your account at any time under ‘my account’. No refunds will be made. Your current plan will be terminated, your timeline irrevocably deleted and you will no longer have access to timelines of others to which you may have been granted access.
Can I use liniaa for free?
Yes, you can create a timeline with 40 MB memory using the plan “Free”. In addition, you can view timelines or edit them as an administrator for free, if someone has invited you to do so.
Can I keep a timeline, if I do not renew my plan?
Yes, like everyone else, you can have a timeline with max. 40 MB memory for free. Until the date of deletion which is 90 days after your plan has expired, you can delete all your own timelines but the most important, so exactly this one will be kept. If you keep more than one, the system will choose one randomly. The chosen timeline with its total structure and some pictures will be kept and you will be automatically downgraded to the plan “Free”.
Please do not forget to export the data of all your timelines before deletion (under ‘My plan’).
Is the length of a timeline (years) limited?
Yes, entries are possible from year 100 to year 9999.
Are images automatically rotated during upload?
If necessary, liniaa will automatically rotate images to the upright position by using the meta data of the image. Scanned images however should be uploaded in the correct position, so if necessary please rotate these in your photo editing software before adding them to your timeline.
How are the images ordered during upload to an event?
To determine the order of your photos liniaa makes use of the meta data of your images. If you add a series of images at once, these will be ordered according to the date and time they were taken. After upload the order can be changed by drag and drop in edit mode of the event. If a second image series is uploaded, these images will again be sorted according to date and time they were taken, however this order will not affect the first series but add the second series separately.
For image handling, this means
  • If you for example have vacation photos from different sources such as from a compact camera and a smartphone and you want to add them in the correct chronologic order, it's best to first add them to a folder on your computer and then upload all at once.
  • If you want to order the images by a theme such as beach photos and family shots and not chronologically, then it is better to upload them both as separate series to avoid a mixup.
  • The creation date of scanned images is usually the scan date and thus scanned images will be ordered accordingly.
Can I print my timeline?
At the moment there are no special print options.
Can I use liniaa on mobile devices?
To view timelines, mobile devices are perfect. However, to create and edit timelines, we recommend using a computer.
Can I export my timeline data, if I no longer want to use liniaa?
Yes, it is possible to export all data of a timeline. You download a zip-file with a folder for each category of your timeline. In these folders you will find subfolders for each event. Event folders contain all images and documents as well as a file with the event description and the video links. For each of your statistic categories you will find a folder with the corresponding table of data.
You will find the export function under 'My abo'. Please consider that each timeline must be exported separately.
Exported data can be re-imported manually if you have an active plan, but there is no automated way to do this.
How are the images displayed in the image area?
Images appear based on a complex algorithm. Number of images, event duration, position on the timeline and others are taken into consideration. Even though we strive for an optimized display, you might have expected something else. Please use the zoom to display more or less images.
You also have the possibility of having the images of your events display in chronologic order, or randomly. To change this setting, go to the menu at the bottom right.
Which browsers does liniaa work with best?
liniaa works with the two most recent versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Please update your browser regularly.
How secure are my data?
Your data is managed according to the state-of-the-art security standards. This includes:
  • SSL Transport
  • Daily data backups
As long as you do not grant access to your timelines, these will only be visible to you. We guarantee that we will never publish your data without your explizit consent or pass them on to others.
Can I restrict access to my timeline after I have shared it with others?
All options for sharing of timelines can be revoked. You can deactivate any guest or administrator rights once given. If you have activated and shared a web link to your timeline, it can also be deleted.
In addition, categories of your timeline can be set to 'secret', so that they can not be seen by others, even if you have shared your timeline.

Please always be careful when distributing personal data!
What do I see, if I am invited as a guest to view someone else's timeline?
You can see the data, images and documents of all categories that are not confidential. Every time you access the timeline, you will see the live version and you can follow how the timeline develops.
Can I invite someone as a guest or as an administrator even if he or she is not yet registered on liniaa?
Yes, invited persons will automatically be informed by e-mail about the invitation and they are asked to register at the same time.