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A slideshow in a few clicks

A slideshow in a few clicks

When we were about to celebrate my Dad's 80th Birthday, I wanted to surprise everyone at the party with a nice slideshow and started, months before, searching the cellar for old prints. Many old and surprisingly amusing photographs were sent to us by extended family as well. Of course there was no such thing as digital photography back in my Dad's youth, so I started scanning these treasures on numerous evenings with a flat bed scanner.

Everyone at the party was happy to see those old images, but even after it was over and contrary to my expectations it was shown over and over again to other friends and colleagues from work. If there would have been an easy way to filter them, the ones with 'early girlfriends' or 'cars' and to adjust the length of the slideshow, that would have been helpful.

With liniaa, our timeline tool, you can create slideshows with a few simple clicks. Photos from your timeline will then be assembled in a flash. You can select your self-created categories as you please and also choose the time period and duration.

Just click the play button in the navigation above and start your custom slideshow.

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